Cayman Chemical

May 1, 2013

Cayman Chemical Company, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, helps make research possible by supplying scientists worldwide with biochemical tools used to understand cancer, neurochemistry, oxidative injury, endocrinology, atherosclerosis and other human health challenges.  Cayman specializes in assay kits for measurement of hormones and biomarker, offering a broad range of specialty biochemicals used as research reagents and qualified standards.

Corgenix and Cayman partnered to develop a kit to measure urinary 11dhTxB2, a thromboxane metabolite to determine aspirin effect.  Corgenix obtained FDA clearance in 2007, received a new CPT code in 2009 and increased CMS reimbursement in 2011 and commercialized the test kit known as AspirinWorks®/11dhTxB2.  

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