Once Corgenix has completed production of test kits for a contract manufacturing partner, we offer additional fulfillment and distribution services. We can assist our partners with shipping, processing, warehousing, and distribution. In the past, our projects have included:

  • Warehousing products in a continuously-monitored, controlled, refrigerated storage area
  • Order processing from the contract manufacturing partner with shipping instructions to end users
  • Order processing directly to Corgenix from the partner’s end-users
  • Shipping, both domestic and international
  • Documentation assistance for shipping to new international destinations
  • Coordination with freight-forwarders to optimize shipping costs
  • Transportation stress testing
  • Shipping according to specific temperature specifications: blue ice, frozen, or room-temperature

Corgenix has twenty years of experience in fulfillment and distribution services, and can provide the expertise and flexibility to ensure that the final product arrives quickly, safely, and economically to the end-user.