Corgenix has extensive industry experience, expert personnel, and state-of-the-art, high-volume facilities to meet a wide range of manufacturing needs. Corgenix reagent preparation services include formulation, testing, filling, label control, inspection and shipping capabilities. Specifically, we can provide:

  • Strong process controls, designed to prevent errors, along with extensive documentation and identification to provide traceability 
  • Prepared solutions in all volumes, ranging from small volumes to 200+ liters 
  • Filling capabilities, ranging from 100µL in vials to large-volume component bottles 
  • Capable of producing biohazard, temperature-sensitive, light-sensitive, humidity-sensitive, and short expiration reagents
  • Experience preparing bulk component materials as well as fully-labeled and packaged final products
  • Purchasing power to meet your packaging requirements cost-effectively
  • Label-making capabilities, including label design, responsive layout changes, private labeling, multiple color options, and precision
  • The capacity to expertly prepare lot sizes that increase as your business grows
  • Large lot size Lyophilization capabilities for your product needs 

Whether you need to manufacture a stand-alone component or want a partner to assist in everything from purchasing raw materials to shipping the final product, Corgenix can meet your requirements. Corgenix takes great pride in being a responsive partner; our teams of specialists are always available to discuss and refine your specific test kit needs.